Friday, July 17, 2015

Mini 16-Patch Quilt Block

In week four of Quilting Mayhem’s Traditional Block Thursday they did a 16-patch block.

Here is the mini-version!

Oh yeah, wait! I messed it up so many times! Measuring twice, and cutting/sewing once, was not happening the night I made these blocks. Finally, the last one turned out because the seam allowances finally properly aligned in my favor.

Here is how to make it:

Cutting Instructions:

Fabric A = Ivory
2 – 7/8″ x 4″ strips

Fabric B = Purple
2 – 7/8″ x 4″ strips

***A couple of my strips are slightly bigger than 4″ long, that is okay because we trim them down later. Most important is that they are exactly 7/8″ wide!***

Sewing Instructions:

Use a 1/4″ seam allowance. It needs to be exact!

***Normally I use a scant seam, but it is important it is exactly 1/4″ because the pieces are so small, even being off a little bit will set the block off.***

Take one of each fabric, right sides together and sew on the 1/4″ seam. I sew both sets at the same time by chain piecing.

***Chain piecing is sewing pieces of fabric together without trimming the threads between each piece until the step of sewing is complete. In a lot of cases you don’t even have to lift your presser foot, though with teeny tiny pieces like this I usually do because it helps keep the fabrics in place.***

Trim your threads, open each unit, and arrange so the pattern alternates.

Sew these pieces together right side together.

***In the picture you can see one of the strips being longer than the others. I just matched as closely together making sure I didn’t lose my 4″-length in the process.***

Press all the seams to one direction.

***Normally I press towards the dark to hide seam allowances, but for this block it helps the seams line up to press them all one direction.***

Cut this into 4 blocks each 7/8″ wide.

Arrange the pieces in an alternating pattern so they will look like a checker board. In the picture I flipped the last two over so you could see how the seams alternate now that the strips turn opposite directions.

Sew two rows at a time, right sides together.

Since the seams alternate they will match up and sort of “lock-in” place when you are sewing rows to each other.

Chain piece both sets of rows.

Trim the threads, open the units up to make sure they are arranged correctly. Then sew them together.

Press the block flat, and trim to a 2″ square.

Now we have three completed mini-blocks!

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