Thursday, July 23, 2015

This Otter Life

This week I’m teaching a Kid’s Sewing Camp at Quilting Mayhem. It has been so much fun! Mind you, it has been a little challenging to keep the kids happy for six hours each day, but they are doing amazing!

So far this week we’ve made a pillowcase (complete with french seam), a book bag, an infinity scarf, and a drawstring bag! Tomorrow we are assembling our stitch books and making a set of pot holders. Then we round-up the week with show-n-tell, and the kids have a passion (or at least a great interest) in sewing more. I feel like it’s a complete win!

Next week I’m teaching a Teen Sewing Class, and then guess what!!!

After that I’m going to be an official employee of Quilting Mayhem!!!!!!

The mothership is drawing me in, and I love it. I’m going to be working on their website and marketing stuff or whatever random thing they need me to do. It is amazing how much my life has changed and stayed the same in such a short period of time.

Seriously, a little over a year ago, I was living in Oklahoma, teaching classes, and kind of not satisfied with where I was. I sold off almost everything, packed my things in luggage and took a flight to Seattle. I spent a couple of months couch surfing, and during that time I met the love of my life -which was totally not part of my game plan! Now I have a family, a new business forming, a new job in a new quilt shop, and I’m back to teaching the crafts and skills I love. This time last year I was struggling, trying to keep my head above water with the new move and everything, but now it feels like things are really starting to solidify for me. I appreciate and love it so much I could never put it into the proper words.

I suppose that’s the way an “Otter Life” just works out. :)

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