Friday, September 25, 2015

Color Play Friday: Metropolitan Market Seattle

Good Morning!

It is time for Color Play Friday!! However, first I have something I have to tell you!!!!!!!!

Periscope! Its a new social networking app. You can sign-in via Twitter or your phone number and then you live broadcast to the world (or just your friends if you change the settings). I’ve had it on my phone for three days now, and I love it!

So far I’ve seen clips of a Foo Fighter concert, watched an Italian guy make coffee, talked to Finnish kids about their school system, talked to a Norwegian couple about their life in the Arctic Circle, and so many other random little things. The important part of the app though is that it lets me connect with other creative people!

Lorinda at Laurel Poppy and Pine started me with the app, and then the first day I had it she let me know that Bari J was broadcasting a painting class.

What to the what?!

I found it as quickly as possible, then the Little One and I sat back and watched for a bit before bedtime.

The person broadcasting is the only person that can be seen or heard. Viewers communicate with the “Scoper” and other people by text chat within the app. Its a good thing too because the Little One said “I can make a flower better than that.” While we were watching Bari J! Its a little embarrassing to admit that now, but could you just imagine if Bari J. had heard that during her class broadcast!!!!

(I did talk to the Little One about learning from other people, and how it is always possible to learn new techniques, practice to be better, and add to our existing skills. I don’t think she meant the comment to be rude, I just don’t think she realized that Bari J. wasn’t finished!!! That and she just turned seven, which means she hasn’t fully developed her filter yet, and I don’t particularly want to rush that.)

Anyway, the point is Periscope is awesome so download it, sign-up, and follow me @anotterlife…by the way, my name is the same on Instagram so you should follow me there too. *winky face*

Okay, that turned out longer than I thought it would, like usual, so without further ado….

Metropolitan Market in Seattle
I took this photo while visiting Seattle in November(ish) of 2013, before I moved here. This particular even was cold and rainy so I decided to go to the Metropolitan Market around the corner from where I was staying in Queen Anne. I picked out 3 different soups, grabbed some crackers, Theo Chocolates, and something to drink, and went back to my hotel room for a soup picnic! It was such a great experience and a great way to use an ironing board in a hotel room! (Seriously who packs, or even wears clothes that can wrinkle!)

These flowers, were outside the Market’s entryway. It was dark, rainy, and the flowers felt like they were bright and shiny for me at the time. They were telling me to “Do your thing, you free-spirited, crazy lady!” So I took a picture, and then totally did my free-spirited crazy lady thing about 5 months later when I moved to Seattle on a plane by myself! Good times! (Thanks flowers for the pep-talk!)

color play friday metropolitan market

So apparently I’m in a talkative mood tonight because this blog post is turning into a novel! I’m going to try to hurry it along!

Here are my fabrics for the week:
The selection started with the sloth fabric which is so cute because the little sloth is so ugly. Its the weirdest contradiction, but I totally love it. From there, I decided I wanted all the fabrics to have animals because I do love them so so much…all of them. …I want to eat them!

This week all my fabric choices came from @stashfabrics because I noticed they posted on Instagram saying they were having a 20% off clearance sale this weekend!!! (use coupon code “CLEAR20” at checkout). The fabrics I picked aren’t clearance, but they are so adorable. Either way check out them out, and even more important check out what Lorinda came up for her Color Play Friday!

(Check out hashtag #colorplayfriday instagram and see what happens! I’m curious about it too. *smiles*)

I’ll check in later this week I hope. I’m really dying to get some actual sewing done, not just piddly stuff. Hopefully I’ll have something to report soon!

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