Friday, September 11, 2015

Color Play Friday: Stillaguamish River at the Big Four Mountain

My friend Lorinda at Laurel and Pine and I have decided to challenge each other with some color play based on pictures we have taken. Each week, she and I will take turns picking a photo the other person has taken. We will both take the photo, make a color palette from it, and then pick random fabrics for that palette.

You can see our pool of photos on Pinterest. Feel free to vote on photos you’d liked to see worked up!

Okay, so now you know what is going on here is our first challenge!

You can see Lorinda’s results on her blog. (We don’t see each other’s results until they are posted publicly!)

This week it was Lorinda’s turn to pick the photo. She chose a photo I had taken while we were hiking to the Ice Caves last summer. This is the Stillaguamish River under one of the coolest walking bridges I’ve been on. (I have a small thing for cool bridges.)

color play friday stillaguamish river at the Big Four Mountain

This challenge turned out to be harder than I imagined! Going into it I figured it would be so easy. I mean every photo has a million colors, and there are so many fabrics -really, how hard could it be? Oh boy!

First of all, I don’t normally work with greens (or browns), and obviously this photo is predominately green!! EEEK EEEEK EEEK (Horror movie sounds!)

I kind of feel like I cheated a little bit because my palette turned out rather monotone. It was still a challenge to find the correct blues and grays, but I didn’t really push myself to work with colors outside of my range. I figured this may be something I have to work up to.

Second, the fabric sucks you in!!! I decided to start browsing Etsy for my fabric. It was kind of hard to get started because I normally shop for fabric with at least one piece already in hand to build from, but this was a completely blank slate. Where to start? Where to go? What to create?

I calmed myself after finding some of the cutest, totally unrelated fabrics, and focused on the matter at hand. I decided it would be easier to decide on fabric if I decided on a project.

If I were buying these fabrics at this time, what would I do with them? Since the palette is very subdued I decided, hypothetically, this would be a great palette to use for Nathan’s quilt. The only challenge with picking out fabrics for Nathan is that they need to be plain. No big prints, not crazy colors, just calm and solid-like.

So here we go…

Okay maybe the floral wouldn’t be perfect for a quilt for Nathan, but it was the last fabric I found, and I felt like it tied all of them in nicely so it had to be added.

Consequently, I was able to find all these fabrics from one shop! I doubt this will workout every week, but it was a nice challenge, because if I were to order the fabrics I would only pay one shipping price -which is always nice.

I contacted ChitterScraps on Etsy to let them know of our challenge and found out some awesome news. If you like them on Facebook you get 10% off your first order, and also (domestic) orders over $50 always ship free!

So there you go. My first week of our Color Play Friday challenge. I would love to hear what you think, and if you have any suggestions.

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