Friday, October 9, 2015

Color Play Friday: NYC Tour Bus

Here are the rules:
  1. Each week, one of us will select a picture from our joint Pinterest board. These are all pictures that one of us has taken on our adventures. 
  2. We each create a palette using colors from that picture 
  3. We then create a bundle of 5-8 fabrics that is inspired by that palette. They don’t have to be an exact match to our palette, and we can throw in contrasting or accent colors, but the bundle should look inspired by the palette. 
  4. We don’t see the other person’s palette or bundle before we both post on Friday. 
  5. That’s it! It’s going to be so fun to see what we each come up with.

(Next week’s photo is at the bottom of this post so you have time to prepare!)

Remember, if you are joining Lorinda and I for Color Play Friday, be sure to send us a link to your post, and tag your photos in social media using #colorplayfriday. We’ve also decided to open this up to all of our artistic friends, so your bundle doesn’t need to be fabric! You can choose yarns, scrapbook paper, embroidery floss, or whatever you want! We can’t wait to see it!

color play friday nyc tour bus

This week’s photo was taken while I was on a trip in NYC a couple years ago. I was on one of the city tour buses which I have a love-hate relationship with -mostly hate them,but I did like that I was able to see different neighborhoods and just hop off when I wanted.

I took this picture, and most of the pictures on this trip, because I loved the bright colors! The contrast of the Raspberry Pink against the School Bus Yellow! Love it!

This week’s fabrics come from Quilting Mayhem -my mothership! Quilting Mayhem is a new shop that opened in May in Snohomish Washington, just a quick jaunt from my home. I was so excited when Quilting Mayhem opened because they are an adorable modern shop, which are far and few between in my “neck of the woods”. (We have a few good quilt shops obviously, but none with a selection like this!) I was even more excited when the owner of Quilting Mayhem offered me a job, and one I can do from home on top of that! Say What?!! Back in the quilt shop internet game!? Yes ma’am I’ll take it!

I’ve been a little Quilting Mayhem Elf for about two months now, and this week I hit a small milestone with the website! I finished adding the fabric pictures…well mostly. (There are still some I need to go take pictures of and sort out, but most of the photos are now up today, and easy to find!) My next project is to fill in all the category photos and sort out some navigation issues. So while you are checking out my fabric bundle, wander around and take a look at the rest of the site. I would love to know what you think, what you would like to see, what you love, what you would change etc.

Anyway, to the fabrics already!!!

I just realized that I picked three Andover fabrics this week! Last week I was having a hard time staying away from Cotton + Steel, and apparently this is an Andover week for me.

I have all geometric prints here. I did try to include a small floral, but it just wasn’t working for me so I didn’t force it. If I were using these fabrics all together I would probably make myself a pinwheel quilt because I do love some half-square triangles! I would use the two grays and the light pink as my lights to go with randomly with the other three fabrics. I would probably add a border of the Ex Libris because it would really tie everything in, and then bind it with the Four Corners -on a bias, of course, so the stripe would wrap up the quilt. If I was really lucky I would find an Alexander Henry big bold, slightly off color print to go on the back! Yep, that’s what I see in these fabrics and photo…something simple but wild! (Simply Wild!!!)

What do you see in the photo? I love #colorplayfriday most because it shows how differently people’s perceptions can be, and they can still be beautiful in their difference. (There is a life lesson in that I’m sure.)

For next week were are color playing Lorinda’s Jellyfish photo!


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