Friday, November 6, 2015

Color Play Friday: Pike Place Market

Here are the rules:
  1. Each week, one of us will select a picture from our joint Pinterest board. These are all pictures that one of us has taken on our adventures. 
  2. We each create a palette using colors from that picture 
  3. We then create a bundle of 5-8 fabrics that is inspired by that palette. They don’t have to be an exact match to our palette, and we can throw in contrasting or accent colors, but the bundle should look inspired by the palette. 
  4. We don’t see the other person’s palette or bundle before we both post on Friday. 
  5. That’s it! It’s going to be so fun to see what we each come up with.

Be sure to check out Lorinda and our new friend Steph!

If you would like to participate be sure to use #colorplayfriday in social media and you can also email me a link to your blog so we can include your posts. (inanotterlife @gmail .com)

Next week’s photo is at the end of this blog.

This week photo was taken by me in April/May 2014 right after I moved to Washington. When I moved I had several interviews set up, mostly in Bellevue -a more affluent area of Seattle, where Microsoft and such companies are located. None of those interviews worked out, but I did start working at a quilt shop in Bellevue which is where I met Lorinda!

My commute via public transit each day ranged from an hour to two hours at first because of where I was staying, and only working part-time I decided those first few weeks to make the most of the time in the city by wandering around and doing nothing! Being broke is frustrating at times, but its also kind of liberating if you approach it correctly. I moved to Seattle with about $500, half of which was gone the first two weeks in transportation costs! So wandering around broke made it more of a priority to see and observe things, and talk to people rather than to go to this or that particular destination.

This photo was taken in Pikes Place Market one nice sunny summer afternoon. I played with the filters of it because the contrasts were fun.

Color Play Friday Pike Place Market

My goal this week was to try to branch out of my typical palette. That didn’t work. I’m pretty sure the pink/purples I’ve used before maybe a couple times. I did however add a green! (GASP!!!!) I don’t do green very well. Green and Brown are my quilt work enemies!

I started with the hot pink fabric because its called Urban Sprawl and that seemed to fit perfectly with the theme of the picture. Everything from there is branched out from that theme except the green which I decided would simply be my stripe for this palette since I was having such a hard time picking one.

All the fabrics this week are from StashFabrics which I’m pretty sure I’ve used for a #colorplayfriday before because I love that I can shop via color. Some websites have this option and it just doesn’t work out very well, but Stash Fabrics has apparently mastered the algorithms involved!

The fabrics (left to right):

Speckled in Dark Plum -Cotton + Steel (This is a lawn, but it also comes in quilting cotton)

Next week’s photo is from Lorinda and I chose it because I love and gravitate towards bright colors!

Kla Ha Ya

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