Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sister Sampler: Moon and Star Block 1

I was looking for a block of the month to do this year, and Mindy at Quilting Mayhem pointed me in the direction of the Sister Sampler Quilt Along on Gen X Quilters.  (#bonfiresampler) (#sistersamplerquilts) This led to me asking Lorinda of Laurel, Poppy and Pine if she wanted to be my swap sister, and she agreed! I let Mindy know what we were doing and she wanted to join in too! So now the three of us are all Swap Sisters for this fun and challenging BOM!

We decided we wanted our blocks to be uniquely our own, but that we still wanted them to all fit together and play nicely. So we each picked a color, then hit the paint chip aisle of the hardware store to make our palette! (Let the record show that I did purchase a shelf for the kitchen during this trip, so we weren't just taking from the business without supporting them.)

Lorinda brought in the teal, Mindy the orange, and I brought the plum because I wanted to use a particular Cotton + Steel fabric -of course!

If you want to jump into the quilt-along you will need the "Sister Sampler Quilts" book.  You should try to find a swap sister too, but its not required.

This first month kicked off with a bang! Not only did we have a week deadline set for ourselves, but we had to learn curved piecing (at least I had to learn it from scratch)!!!

It was quite an obstacle to conquer, but after a few small curse words during the pinning process it was definitely conquered!

Three blocks down, only 18 more to go!

I'm anxious to see how this turns out, and I'm glad that I'll eventually have a quilt pieced together with blocks from a couple close friends. How special and sweet is that?!

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