Friday, February 26, 2016

Color Play Friday: NYC

Happy #ColorPlayFriday!

Big announcement time! Lorinda and I are starting a monthly #colorplayfriday newsletter! The last Friday of each month we will send out a quick newsletter with announcements for our blogs, a review of the month's palettes and bundles, and a list of all of the participants from the month. (We may, on rare occasion, send an extra newsletter for super big announcements.)

If you would like to sign-up for the newsletter you can use the form on the right side of this page or email Lorinda and I at colorplayfriday @gmail .com.  Also, if you would like to participate email us for details, and we will make sure you get all set up!

Lorinda chose this week's photo -it is another from my tour bus ride in NYC.  I tried to pick out fabrics that really reflected the city life shown in this photo.  I knew I wanted to use Shannon Brinkley's Dryad as my main fabric (yellow fabric). Its all blustery and bright, so I really feel like it fit in perfectly, plus it has all the same colors as the photo! How lucky is that!

(P.S. If you haven't checked out Shannon's patterns go do that now! I've already mentioned them in my latest Periscope broadcasts, but I will be blogging about them more in the future.)

Most of the fabrics came from Quilting Mayhem this week. The map fabric I found at MetroQuiltCompany on Etsy.

I won't bore you with the particular reasons for each fabric, but they all seemed to fit the mood and movement of the city. If I were using this bundle in a quilt project, I think I would definitely pull in more shades of yellows and another blue or two as well.

As always, I'm excited to see what everyone else came up with, and you can see for yourself on their websites:

Next week's photo is one of Lorinda's, and I absolutely love it! Its going to be a fun one.  If you would like to join in on our game remember to check out the #colorplayfriday page for details and to contact us.


  1. Oh my goodness- the Dryad print is a perfect fit for this picture! I love the movement your whole bundle creates.

  2. I love you fabric choices. Especially that first one, so LOVE that. You fabrics pick up the action of the picture. Since it is YOUR picture (lol, sorry about that) it seems that maybe your bundles matches the excitement you were feeling being in the Big Apple.

  3. Yes to the Dryad fabric - and great choice for the other ones, too! I love how the Dryad has such excitement and color and movement to it - just like NYC is known to be.