Friday, February 19, 2016

Color Play Friday: Skywalker

Happy #colorplayfriday everyone!

For those of you who are new...each week Lorinda at Laurel, Poppy, and Pine and I take turns choosing each other's photos. We make a palette and bundle based on said photo, and then we share them. We've openned this up to anyone who would like to join in, so if you are interested check out the #colorplayfriday page for the rules and our tutorials.

I'm having such a good week. I'm still running behind on some things and goals, but I'm still accomplishing a lot. I've also had bits of good news sprinkled throughout my week, which surely never hurts a thing!

I picked Lorinda's photo of a horse named "Skywalker" because I wanted to challenge myself with the browns and greens. Obviously, that didn't work out so much because I focused on the blue. I really don't know why I have such a hard time with the brown and green. If anyone has any suggestions on how to develop myself in that range please let me know... until then I guess I'll stick with my plums, corals, and navys.

All the fabrics this week can be found at Hawthorne Threads.

I feel like this bundle is pretty boring and not really my style... except for the Wee Wander. I do like all of the fabrics and can imagine using them in different projects. I just have a really hard time envisioning them in something spectacular all together. *whomp whomp*

I really can't wait to see what the other ladies come up with. I feel like the runt of the bunch when it comes to these colors, but their palettes and bundles always give me those "oh, duh...why didn't you see that before" moments. That's part of the awesomeness of #colorplayfriday -the continual inspiration it provides from seeing things in other people's perspectives. And speaking of! We have a full house this week!

Of the 5 women who have either previously joined Lorinda and I or expressed joining us, all of them signed-up to participate this week!!!
There are seven of us!
How exciting is that!

If you are interested in joining us next week please contact Lorinda and/or me for an introduction and details.  Next week we are using a photo I took while touring NYC in 2013.


  1. I really love the bundle, and see wander is surely my favorite. Love how your mind works.

  2. yeah, that brown is a struggle. The hues of blue are gorgeous. I too love looking at it from other's perspective. you guys always make your bundles blend so well. I always feel like mine are wild cards thrown together based on my wacky mood at the time. but, I'm still loving it!

  3. Certainly not the runt of the bunch! Your muted palette is stunning!

  4. OK I just love, love, love your palette. You pulled those steely blues and greens. Just beautiful.

  5. OK I just love, love, love your palette. You pulled those steely blues and greens. Just beautiful.