Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Sister Sampler: Button Block

***Yep another past-dated blog post... you aren't crazy, I'm just catching up. Whomp Whomp***

Lorinda, Mindy and I are swap sisters for the Genx Sister Sampler Bonfire Quilt. We are working with the same palette, different fabrics, and each month we make 3 of the blocks (1 for ourselves and 2 to share).

I have to tell you, I feel like I'm getting the hang of this curved piecing! I think the "trick" is to have pieces considerably bigger than your finished size and a very scant seam. Sewing like that and then squaring up is working out for me.

What isn't working out for me is the seam matching between sections. blah!

I really liked how the block turned out. It does look like a button. :)

I don't like how my seams don't match around the outside. I'm debating whether i'm going to take them apart and fix them, or if I'm going to just scrap and remake them completely.

For now, I'm counting them as done, and leaving them. I have until tuesday night to fix them up either way I choose, because Lorinda, Mindy and I will swap while at the Snoho Modern Quilt Guild meeting.

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  1. I love your blocks! Lining them up has been a bit of a beast for me too!