Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tula Tuesday: Week 6

I made it through another sluggish weekend! I even managed to sew a little on Saturday, and then again today!

Only Nathan is sick now, so the Little One and I are getting back and around to things which is great for both of us. She was starting to feel stir crazy, and I was starting to get anxious with everything I needed and want to get done!

Since I didn't make blocks last week, and I want to stay up with schedule, this week I had to make 4 blocks. This led me into the second section of Tula's book and it feels like progress!

Next week I will make 4 more blocks and be ready to start March blocks. :)

Other than this I have nothing exciting to show. Just a reminder to check out the Woodland Postcard Swap. Sign-ups are open until February 29th!

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