Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tula Tuesday: Week 7

***You aren't going crazy. This post, though it appears to have been here, wasn't actually posted on Tuesday! I had to post date it because I'm late...again.***

I know everyone is "busy", but I really feel like I've been busier than usual the last couple of weeks because I'm trying to catch up from a sick week. Besides that, Girl Scout Cookie Season has started!!!!

Either way, I'm almost there... almost to the finish line for the week and my most urgent to-do list items! Yay!

I finished these blocks for the #qm100blockchallenge and the blocks for our Sister Sampler quilt on Wednesday. I really love how they turned out. I love them so much that I almost want to go back and redo all the others to match the style of these!

My new goal is to get the next blocks done this weekend so I'm not waiting until the last minute. I also think I'm going to focus on keeping my blocks simple and "blendy" so they are more like the examples in the book.

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