Friday, March 25, 2016

Burst Your Stash Winner!!!

To everyone who participated in our Burst Your Stash giveaway -Thank you!!!

This was our first big event with #colorplayfriday, and we are already planning more! If you want to learn about these events be sure to sign-up for our monthly newsletter -the form is on the right side of this blog.

So the winner of this fat quarter bundle....

(Drum roll)

Ellen D.!

I will be contacting you later today for your shipping information!

If you didn't win, I'm sorry. I really wish we could give fabric to everyone (selves included!!), but Stash Fabric has done the next best thing! They have made the bundles available for purchase on their website here.

If you make something with these fabric bundles please use hashtag #burstyourstash so we can see them!!

Color Play Friday; Dry Sparkling Company

Hello Friday!

If you are joining us for the first time, welcome! You can learn more about what #colorplayfriday is all about on this blog post and visit this #colorplayfriday page for tutorials.

Be sure to check out Lorinda's bundle, and see what the other participants came of with as well (links at the bottom of this post).

A couple of things to cover first, before this week's photo.

1. After much consideration Lorinda and I have decided to open #colorplayfriday to those with Flickr accounts as well.  Now, you may participate using a blog or a Flickr album. For more details contact us at

2. Wednesday we concluded our Burst Your Stash giveaway sponsored by Stash Fabrics. We will be announcing the winners of each bundles on our blogs later today so be sure to check back!  If you didn't have a chance to enter to win, or if you just need to burst your stash anyway, remember you can order our bundles online through Stash Fabrics. You can order my bundle, Lorinda's bundle, or the complete collection.

Now for this week's photo!

I took this photo while at Dry Sparking Company in Seattle, Washington. I was wandering around one afternoon, stumbled into this shop, and sat for a tasting. If you are ever in the area I suggest you do the same, it was a lot of fun.

I wanted to create a bundle that reflected the flow and energy of summer time, and I'm pretty sure I achieved it!  The Flora fabric is one of my favorites. In fact I have it sitting out now, waiting to be turned into a Wherever you Go Wallet.

The fabrics this week can all be purchased at Quilting Mayhem.

Hello Bear -Firefly -Sigh by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery
Flora by Kelly Ventura for Windham
Enchanted Pines -Winter by McKenna Ryan for Robert Kaufman

Note: Enchanted Pines is a dark to light to dark gradient across the width of the fabric. I absolutely love the texture of the pattern, so soft and gradual. I have an idea in my head for a couple possible quilts make around this fabric. You really need to click the link and see both pictures!

Be sure to check out Lorinda's CPF along with the other participants this week.

Sarah S

Next week's photo is one Lorinda took.  Im looking forward to playing with it, and producing another bundle!

Remember let us know if you are or want to participate in #colorplayfriday.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Stash Fabric Review

I’ve already posted a tutorial of how I technically create my #colorplayfriday palette, but now I want to take this chance to explain how I actually select my fabrics for the bundle.

The process is basically the same no matter what fabric manufacturer or quilt shop website I use, but this week I thought I would take a chance to show you how easy it is to create a bundle using Stash Fabric's website since they are kindly sponsoring the Burst Your Stash giveaway for #colorplayfriday!

Warning: the process and train of thought is a bit messy sometimes! However, I’ve found that StashFabrics color tool and design wall  help me wrangle in my creativity.

I’ve taken Lorinda’s photo from our Past Palettes Pinterest board  to work with in this example.

Step One: Color Picking
Creating the color palette is the best place for me to start, but how can I only pick 5-8 from the start?! (The Scope tutorial shows the color picking tool I’ve added to my Chrome browser.)

As I’m picking colors my brain has already started calling dibs on the favorites, but I try to remain impartial until I start looking at fabric.

Step Two: Establishing a Theme
Usually I have a theme I want to work within. For instance, for this picture I instantly thought of “Penny Arcade” by Cotton + Steel (insert link) so I started there, thinking I would go with a county fair sort of feel.

However, after a lot of browsing I started to notice my theme was morphing more into a “Summer Nights” sort of feel. So basically, I try to pick any place to start, but I also try not to get stuck on it or let it stifle me if another direction presents itself.

(For the record: My brain turned “Penny Arcade” and “County Fair” into two separate themes. Also “Summer Nights” had a break off as well.)

Step Three: Using the Tools on Hand
After I find some random fabrics I feel can work as a basis for a bundle I start using the color tool to help me narrow down my companion choices.

The color tool allows me to decide how important the color is, and how close it is to the color selected. Also, when you click on a fabric you can scroll to the bottom to see more specific colors found in that particular fabric -which is also quite helpful for the “off colors” and finding coordinating prints.

As I’m finding fabrics I’m clicking to add them to my Design Wall.

I tend to sort my Design Wall the same way I sort my color palette in my Google Drive document. Also, though it is a bit redundant, I copy and past all the fabric photos into my drive document so that I can see them next to the color. It is also helpful because once I’ve settled on “the fabrics” they are already in the palette ready to be tossed into the template.

Step Four: Finding my Direction
Usually in every palette I end up with several directions I can take the fabric bundle. I try not to narrow myself to only one, but instead, try to build both/all as I’m going to see which one wins!

As you can see in the photo above as well as the one below… I have three trains of thought!

Black Pen: Penny Arcade that I started with.
Blue Pen: Summer Time, county fair theme.
Red Pen: Summer night I really started leaning towards half way through.

I have 3 possible directions here, as well as some other filler fabrics that I like in case another inspiration fabric presents itself. At this point, I start vetoing fabrics that don’t absolutely speak to me or work with the three ideas I have going.

Then I sort my stash accordingly and move on.

Step Five: Survival of the Fittest
I add fabrics that speak to me and work out the bundles. Basically whichever completes itself is the winner and the one I use for that Friday’s challenge.

You can see in this last picture that some of the fabrics I picked kind of played with different bundles. Also, at this point in the selections, even though I had more fabrics in the summer night bundle (black pen) I realized that I really loved green apple bundle more (blue pen).

Had I finished this creating the bundle (instead of breaking to write this blog) I really would have started focusing more on the green apple bundle because I’m "feeling" it more.

Of course, I would have saved the other fabrics off to the side, just in case, but this is how I try to narrow myself down and focus. If I didn’t then I would spend days searching for the “perfect” fabrics and never find anything because I just love them all so much!

There you go, that is my fabric selecting creative process in a nutshell.

How do pick your fabrics? What is your creative process? I would love to learn how other people do it!

Feel free to send me links to your design wall on Stash, if you have one going! I’ve heard rumors that they are going to have special promotions having to do with the new sharing feature of their design wall so you might as well take a look and start playing around! (Seriously, send me links so I can look at your pretties!!!)

Friday, March 18, 2016

Color Play Friday: Starburst

If you're new here, welcome! We have a fun Color Play Friday giveaway for you today!

But what is Color Play Friday, you ask?

Every Friday, Lorinda at Laurel, Poppy and Pine and I host a weekly challenge open to all our blogger friends. Every game needs rules and you can find them, along with our palette composition tutorials and my past palettes on the #colorplayfriday page.

It's a great way to challenge ourselves, grow our color knowledge, and work with color combinations we never would have considered otherwise.

We have an amazing group of ladies participating with us each week; be sure to check out the links to their blogs later in this post.

Would you like to play along? Let us know by emailing

On to the giveaway!!

This week, Stash Fabrics is sponsoring a "Burst Your Stash" giveaway of both my and Lorinda's bundles. We will have two winners- one winner gets my bundle and the other Lorinda's. How fun!

This giveaway will be open for entries until Wednesday, March 23 at 9pm Pacific Time. Winners will be contacted on March 24th and announced during next week's Color Play Friday.

To enter, you must be subscribed to both the Color Play Friday monthly newsletter and Stash Fabric's newsletter. When you subscribe, make sure you respond to the confirmation email you receive. Otherwise you won't show up on our lists!

If you are a Color Play participant, don't fret- you are eligible to win as well!

The Color Play Friday newsletter comes out on the last Friday of each month and contains a recap of the month's palettes and bundles from Lorinda and I, news and updates from each of our blogs, and links to that month's participants. From time to time, you will also get a bonus mailing letting you know about special events or giveaways, but we will keep that to a minimum.

Subscribe to Stash Fabrics Newsletter

* indicates required

Stash Fabric's newsletter is a great way to stay up-to-date on all their newest fabrics and what's on sale. When you subscribe, you are also entered into their monthly fabric giveaway.

If you simply must have my or Lorinda's bundles (or both!), you don't have to wait to win one! Stash fabrics has graciously offered a small number of these bundles available for sale. You can find them at the following links:

In an Otter Life Burst Your Stash Bundle

Laurel, Poppy and Pine Burst Your Stash Bundle

Burst Your Stash Completely Bundle

This Week's Palette:

I really wanted to pull as many bright and fun colors as possible. The idea what obviously to get them all to play well together, but just in case the color calibration on my monitor is off I wanted to also make sure these were fabrics that would cheerfully burst into an existing stash!

My Fabrics
(obviously they are all from Stash Fabrics)

Metallic Gold Stripe in Orchid by Melody Miller for Cotton + Steel
Paprounes in Crimson by Katarina Roccella for Art Gallery
Colibri in Mustard by Sarah Watts for Cotton + Steel
Handcrafted -Plus in Strawberry by Alison Glass for Andover
Blueberry Park -Allotments in Pewter by Karen Lewis for Robert Kaufman
Modern Background Paper -Newsprint in Graphite Off White by Zen Chic for Moda

By the looks of it, they all turned out perfectly together. I'm going to have to order the set for myself!

Be sure to check out Lorinda's blog so you can see the other fabric bundle you could possibly win this week!

The Participants:

Sarah G at Sarah Goer Quilts
Yvonne at Quilty Dream
Christina at Love Hazel Honey
Mindy at Quilting Mayhem
Bethany at Sew Not Perfect
Sarah S at 123 Quilt
Steph at Shimmy and More

Next Week:

If you would like to join us in #colorplayfriday this is our photo next week. Be sure to email us at so we can get you filled in and included in the link share. :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tula Tuesday: Week 10

I totally slacked on my Tula Blocks for this week.

Really my problem isn't making the blocks. My problem is that I don't feel the blocks I've made this far are playing well with each other which is making it difficult to want to continue. I'm seriously considering starting all over!!

Thankfully, the blocks come together very quickly when I'm actually making them. However, I want to take some time to consider a color palette or fabric bundle so there is a consistent thought and theme through out the blocks when they come together into the quilt.

In the meantime, I haven't totally failed on my Tula Tuesday idea because this week Quilting Mayhem sent out a newsletter to it's customer that is "Totally Tula"!

Everyone is so excited that Chipper arrived in the shop last week, and we are snatching it up as quick as possible! Plus, the Tula Hardware Seam Ripper that has been on back-order since Fall Market in October finally arrived!

If you want one of them to complete your collection I suggest you jump on it because they are in high demand from the manufacturer making us uncertain when the shop will get more.

In the meantime, I'm going to try to collect my thoughts with this quilt project and come up with a solid idea before I continue with the blocks or even decide to redo them all. Next week I may need help in the fabric choices... we will see.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Color Play Friday: Minneapolis

Hello Friday!

Thanks for stopping by to check out this week's #colorplayfriday. If you would like to learn more check out this blog post and visit this #colorplayfriday page for tutorials.

Be sure to check out Lorinda's bundle, and see what the other participants came of with as well.

This week's photo was taken in downtown Minneapolis while I was there to attend my first Spring Quilt Market in 2010!!! I love the architecture in this city, and took so many pictures of random design features through out the mile radius of the hotel I stayed in.

I used a lot of blender fabrics in this bundle centered around the one main print (Hoffman's Skyline). I've never worked with panels before, but I figured that keeping it simple, with only the greens as accent colors, would really help make the panel pop if featured in a quilt.

My Fabrics:

Whisper Prints -Shadow by Robert Kaufman
Skyline -Steel by Hoffman
Jules and Indigo -Dots -Avocado by Valori Wells for Robert Kaufman
Metro Wide -Lime by Robert Kaufman
City Chic 2 -Grey by Anne Tavoletti for Robert Kaufman

Obviously you can tell I was distracted by and found most everything I needed (plus so much more) on Robert Kaufman's website this week!

I can't wait to see what the other ladies have done. It has become a nice Friday morning ritual to wake up, check and share comments.

Bethany at Sew-Not-Perfect
Chrissy at Love Hazel Honey
Mindy at Quilting Mayhem
Steph at Shimmy and More

Be sure to sign-up for our monthly newsletter (on the right side of this page) for all #colorplayfriday updates. Also, come back next Friday because we will be hosting our first sponsored event!!! Well, that and because #colorplayfriday is so awesome already!

Next week's photo:

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tula Tuesday: Week 9

I'm on schedule so far this week!!

This post is going to be short and sweet.

Here are my blocks.

I'm not loving the purple one, it looks a bit country to me, but we will see how it plays with the others later on in this challenge.

Also, I wanted to let you know that the new "Chipper" line from Tula Pink has arrived at Quilting Mayhem a day early! I can't wait to get my Trina cuts!!! Especially of the "Fox Nap" pieces.  They are going to be wonderful!!! You can order some for yourself here.

Come Color Play With Us

Color Play Friday has been steadily growing since its inception six months ago. Now we host each week with several participants and have a monthly newsletter.  We are continuing to find ways to grow this easily weekly challenge and have started planning events around our fun play day.

March 18th we are having our first sponsored event, and it would be fun to have more participants than we’ve ever had before! So if you have been following #colorplayfriday and debating whether or not to join in on the fun, I want to urge you to jump in this week.  If you are interested please contact us as soon as possible so that you can participate in this week’s photo challenge -getting one under your belt before the event post.

Who started Color Play Friday?
My dear quilty friend, Lorinda of Laurel, Poppy and Pine and I start discussing the possibilities of #colorplayfriday in July of 2015 as roadside assistance was taking a look at my broken down car! By September, we launched our first Friday post.

What is Color Play Friday?
#ColorPlayFriday is a chance for us to take ordinary photos of things we see everyday, and turn them into sources of inspiration.  We use these photos, palettes, and bundles to stretch ourselves into using colors we aren’t necessarily comfortable with, and mixing colors we aren’t necessarily drawn to directly when shopping in person. It has proven to be a fun and social way for us to grow creatively.

When is Color Play Friday?
Obviously, it is on Friday, but I can break down the schedule for you a bit more. On Wednesday we pick the photo for the following week -to be announced at the bottom of our blogs. Through the weekend we respond and answer any questions of people interested in participating the next week. On Mondays, we send out a group email with that week’s details to everyone who has expressed an interest in participating. By Wednesday, we have a decent idea of everyone who has confirmed participating so we can include links to their blogs. Friday all of our posts go live and we share the fun of our small blog hop to see inspired everyone!

Where can you find Color Play Friday?
Every post is found on our blogs and from there you can see the other participants blogs.  Also if you search hashtag #colorplayfriday on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter you are likely to see photos and links to the blogs.

How can you participate?

First take a look at all the (super easy) rules. At this time you do have to have a blog to participate.  If you need help creating your palette/bundle collage we have scope video tutorials showing how I used Google Drive and Lorinda uses Gimp.  Contact us for direct information of the week by emailing colorplayfriday @gmail .com.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Color Play Friday: Pink Poppy

Good Morning Beautiful, Lovely Friday.

I've had a very productive and tiring week and I'm looking forward to the weekend!

Girls' night tonight with the Little One. A full night's sleep tonight with a 20% chance I'll get to sleep in past 7:00am, and then a weekend full of family time! I'm so ready for it to begin!

And to kick it off we have a fun, bright, springy picture for this week's #colorplayfriday post. I picked this photo of Lorinda's because the teal of course!!!

First things first, lets cover the basics: If you are new to #colorplayfriday, thanks for checking it out. Be sure to visit Lorinda at Laurel, Poppy and Pine along with the other participants listed towards the end of this post. If you are in interested in joining us, check out the #ColorPlayFriday page for rules, tutorials, and past palettes. You can contact Lorinda and I at colorplayfriday@ gmail .com with any questions you have. Also, we've started a monthly newsletter! It goes out on the last Friday of the month and will occasionally have a blast email if there is a special event going on... like later this month. To sign-up fill up the form on the right-side of my blog.

This week I selected all my fabrics from Quilting Mayhem again because they have a great selection and keep getting it my new favorites! This week they received notice that "Chipper" by Tula Pink is on its way, expected this coming Wednesday, and they made it available for pre-order now. That is where I started, with Chipper "Fox Nap" and went from there!

The fabrics:
Chipper -Fox Nap in Sorbet by Tula Pink for FreeSpirit
Mixology -Honeycombs in Geranium by Camelot Cottons
Elixir -Ikat in Zinc by Camelot Cottons
Petal and Plume -Panache in Fresco by Bari J. for Art Gallery
Sun Print 2016 by Alison Glass for Andover
Black and White by Cotton + Steel

I wanted to keep everything very natural in style... its kind of what I tend to lean towards anyway -at least fun nature prints and some geometric prints. Now you can see why I absolutely had to use the Chipper foxes can't you?

I love how this palette has a little bit from the fabric companies I love the most! I'm really looking forward to see how the other ladies did with their palettes!

Participants this week:
Sarah at Sarah Quilts
Mindy at Quilting Mayhem
Steph at Shimmy and More
Yvonne at Quilty Dream

Next Week's Photo:
I took this photo while at my first Spring Quilt Market in 2010. I really loved the window of this church in particular. Such beautiful architecture.

If you are looking to join us remember to read the rules and email us, and we will send you the photo with more details.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tula Tuesday: Week 8

I finished so much today I amazed myself.

Some how I managed to balance getting a bit of everything done!  Work, domestic things, sewing, and all! I love it when the stars align like that and everything gels!

I'm going to be doing a scope tomorrow with a studio check in to show everything that I completed. When it is finished I will see about posting the Katch video.

In the meantime here are my blocks for this week. (Five Tuesdays in one month means only 2 blocks a week pending I stay on schedule.)

I liked the simplicity of colors in last weeks blocks so much that I am going to do my best to keep that train of thought through the rest of the blocks. 22 down 78 to go!