Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Come Color Play With Us

Color Play Friday has been steadily growing since its inception six months ago. Now we host each week with several participants and have a monthly newsletter.  We are continuing to find ways to grow this easily weekly challenge and have started planning events around our fun play day.

March 18th we are having our first sponsored event, and it would be fun to have more participants than we’ve ever had before! So if you have been following #colorplayfriday and debating whether or not to join in on the fun, I want to urge you to jump in this week.  If you are interested please contact us as soon as possible so that you can participate in this week’s photo challenge -getting one under your belt before the event post.

Who started Color Play Friday?
My dear quilty friend, Lorinda of Laurel, Poppy and Pine and I start discussing the possibilities of #colorplayfriday in July of 2015 as roadside assistance was taking a look at my broken down car! By September, we launched our first Friday post.

What is Color Play Friday?
#ColorPlayFriday is a chance for us to take ordinary photos of things we see everyday, and turn them into sources of inspiration.  We use these photos, palettes, and bundles to stretch ourselves into using colors we aren’t necessarily comfortable with, and mixing colors we aren’t necessarily drawn to directly when shopping in person. It has proven to be a fun and social way for us to grow creatively.

When is Color Play Friday?
Obviously, it is on Friday, but I can break down the schedule for you a bit more. On Wednesday we pick the photo for the following week -to be announced at the bottom of our blogs. Through the weekend we respond and answer any questions of people interested in participating the next week. On Mondays, we send out a group email with that week’s details to everyone who has expressed an interest in participating. By Wednesday, we have a decent idea of everyone who has confirmed participating so we can include links to their blogs. Friday all of our posts go live and we share the fun of our small blog hop to see inspired everyone!

Where can you find Color Play Friday?
Every post is found on our blogs and from there you can see the other participants blogs.  Also if you search hashtag #colorplayfriday on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter you are likely to see photos and links to the blogs.

How can you participate?

First take a look at all the (super easy) rules. At this time you do have to have a blog to participate.  If you need help creating your palette/bundle collage we have scope video tutorials showing how I used Google Drive and Lorinda uses Gimp.  Contact us for direct information of the week by emailing colorplayfriday @gmail .com.

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