Friday, April 8, 2016

Color Play Friday: Tulsa Rose Garden

Thanks for stopping by to check out this week's #colorplayfriday. If you would like to learn more check out this blog post and visit this #colorplayfriday page for tutorials.

Be sure to check out Lorinda's bundle, and see what the other participants came of with as well. (Links listed below.)

This is going to be another short and sweet week! In fact, I feel like I've cheated a little bit because I used all of the same line of fabric!!  (Gasp)

I tried really hard, spent almost 3 hours searching for a bundle of fabrics, and I struggled with it so much. Right now it is getting really close to my regular bed time, and it is way past my Spring Break totally-exhausted-stay-at-home-almost-stepmom bedtime.

That's when I realized that "Wanderer" fit my palette almost perfectly so here it is!

The Fabrics:

(I figured you might as well check out the entire collection since I just pulled 5 fabrics from it anyway!)

I hope everyone else had an easier time than I did.

Check out all the Palettes/Bundles:

Lorinda (my co-hostess)

If you would like to join us next week we will be working with Lorinda's photo of the EMP in downtown Seattle. Be sure to send us an email at colorplayfriday at gmail dot com for more information.


  1. That collection is perfect for this week. I kept running into the same problem. I'd find a couple different fabrics that I thought went really well together and then realized they were all from the same collection. No wonder!

  2. Hey, if it works, then why not go for it?! That collection really does incorporate all the colors in this week's picture!

  3. I was hoping someone would bring out that deep red, I love it! I think you palette rocks this week. Kind of sweet and sassy. Going from the deep red to deep blue. Also love that temple print and the serape. Awesome palette this week!