Friday, September 23, 2016

Color Play Friday: Boys on the Beach

It has been an exciting and crazy week here.

My Momma came for a visit! It had been about 848 days since I last saw her so it was a big deal! She was able to see a lot of the area around where we live, and more importantly she was able to meet Nathan and the Little One for the first time! Of course, they've talked on the phone and Skyped, but this was the first time for them to meet each other in person.  The 4 1/2 days was so special and wonderful!

It was jammed pack too, and I'm still catching up from taking the vacation, but everything is starting to fall back in place. This just happens to be why I'm just now writing my post at 4:00pm PST!

Also, I think I have used a few of these fabric before -like before they were actually in the shop, but I just saw them again the other day and fell in love with them all over again so I decided to make them work with the palette! I think I see some of these coming home with me in the very near future!

All of the fabrics are from Dear Stella and can be found here along with their coordinates.

The Participants:
In An Otter Life (That's Me)
Laurel, Poppy and Pine (She's my co-hostess)
Sarah at 123 Quilt


  1. A mom visit is awesome! I glad you got to have some special family time. I love what you chose this week. Dear Stella is one of my favorites.

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