Katch Videos

Periscope is such a fantastic resource in the crafting community!

I really love that I'm able to connect with other quilters and crafters across the country. We share our projects, our techniques, and generally our love for making beautiful things. The only unfortunate thing about Periscope is that if you don't catch the live feed you only have 24 hours to go back to the replay before it is deleted from your Periscope feed.

Enter stage right: Katch.

Katch is website that catches my Scopes (with the chat), and lets me embed them into this blog after the fact. It saves all of my public scopes and allows you to go back and watch them at your convenience. How awesome is that!!!??!!!

I'm going to do my best to make sure my main Scopes are posted here as an easy to reach archive, but not all of them will be embedded on my blog so you can see more by visiting my Katch page directly.

You can also find and follow me on Periscope and Twitter @anotterlife to see the live feeds and participate in the conversations.

Open Studio Quilting on my Singer 

Quilt Squaring

Bonus Hints for Pincushion Tutorial

English Paper Piecing Tutorial

Applique Fall Garland Tutorial

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